Who We Are

The Company owns and operates 123 Dollar Stores USA, a growing chain of discount retail locations that provides a wide variety of interesting and useful merchandise options at bargain prices.

Our Mission

The mission of Affatato 1 is to provide the best quality products at the lowest possible prices to create loyal customers who will return to the Company’s stores time and again. Affatato 1 strives to make 123 Dollar Stores USA’s shopping experiences as enjoyable as possible. Because of this, 123 Dollar Stores USA are nothing like the dollar stores of yesterday. Each location is bright, clean and organized and staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, helpful employees.

Our Vission

The Company also believes in investing in their community. They are committed to expanding their brand throughout the Orlando, Florida metropolitan area to bring jobs to local neighborhoods. In addition, the Company’s vision is to expand across the United States by offering franchise opportunities to interested investors. In this regard, it is the Company’s goal to help reduce unemployment, not just in the greater Orlando area, but throughout the United States.